Blue Ribbon was formed by Prakash Menon, an industry veteran with over 20 years in the Hospitality business. With its unmatched range of brands, attentive service and competitive prices, Blue Ribbon has rapidly grown into a Premier hospitality company in the Middle East with its headquarters in Dubai.

In 2014, our journey continued and we extended our operations into India with offices in Mumbai & Delhi.

Blue Ribbon is dedicated to provide the finest equipment to the hospitality industry – from chinaware, to premium cutlery, Bed & Bath linen, glassware, elegant furniture and bespoke accessories. We scour the world for the most exceptional brands.

Our truly personalized service and attention to detail adds flavour to the perfect recipe for success. We are proud to have been associated with the most prestigious projects and top 5-Star brands in the region.

The Blue Ribbon Team comprises of an eclectic mix of professionals, working very closely with food & beverage managers, chefs, procurement companies and interior designers to provide tailor made solutions. We create the complete table-top for restaurants, rooms and spas. Ideas are presented with unmatched quality mood boards and renderings at no extra cost. Creativity is our passion and we are inimitable and hence we pride in calling ourselves “Hospitality Connoisseurs”.